Arnold Palmer Net Worth

Arnold Palmer Net Worth
How much is Arnold Palmer worth:

  • Full name: Arnold Daniel Palmer
  • Net Worth: $675 Million
  • Occupation: Professional Golfer, Architect, Designer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Arnold Palmer Net Worth – Success Story Of A Well-Heeled Golfer

Arnold Palmer Net Worth And His Excellence In Golf

This American retired golfer is one of the most predominant players in the history of professional Golf. He has won plenty of times at the Champions Tour and PGA Tour. He was the very first superstar in the television age of this sport that started in the year 1950. He was nicknames as ‘The King’ as he was the real king of this sport. His humbleness helped exceedingly well in changing the perception of the game and this sport became accessible to working and middles classes as well. Along with Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus, Palmer was one of “The Big Three” during the period of year 1960. In the year 1974 he was inducted to the ‘World Golf Hall of Fame’ and in the year 1998 he was honored with the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award. Palmer has gained big amount of fame and money with his scintillating talent and ability to deliver his best shot always. Arnold Palmer net worth is US$675 million it displays that he is one of the richest celebs.

 Arnold Palmer Net Worth And His Early Career

He was born on 10th September 1929 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Palmer won the US Amateur in the year 1954 and then the made up his mind for trying the Pro Tour. In his rookie season Palmer won the Canadian Open in 1955 and he also raised the standard of his game for the upcoming tournaments. Gold became a compelling event on television in 1950s and 60s due to the persona and charismatic performance of Palmer. Winning the 1958 Masters Tournament was his very first big championship and it also strengthened his position among the shining start in Golf. By 1960 he became first client of Mark McCormack who was pioneering sports agent. He has really big numbers of his admirers and fans like Venus Williams and Chris Webber.

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Arnold Palmer Net Worth And His Achievements

Palmer has won seven major championships. They are ‘The Open Championship’ in 1961 and 1962. ‘US Open’ in the year 1960 and ‘The Masters’ in 1958, 1960, 1962, 1964. He won 29 PGA Tour events in the period 1960-1963, and these were the most productive years in his career. He also won the award of “Sportsman of the Year” from the Sports Illustrated magazine in 1960 and in the same year he also won the Hickok Belt for being top professional athlete of the year. In the year 1967 he became the very first man who earned one million dollar as career earnings on the PGA Tour.Arnold Palmer Photos

Arnold Palmer Net Worth And His Personal Life

Name of his grandson is Sam Saunders who is also a professional golfer. Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, is named in the honor of the great Arnold Palmer. Name of his first wife was Winifred Walzer; she died on 20th November 1999 at the age of 65 due to ovarian cancer.  Palmer married again in the year 2005. Name of his second wife is Kathleen Gawthrop. He is really a decent guy in his personal life as well. He is equally tempting and calm in his behavior and approach in his personal life as well. He has made his positivity and exclusive game style. Calmness, positive approach and simplicity are some of his biggest strengths.

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