Aretha Franklin Net Worth

Aretha Franklin Net Worth
How much is Aretha Franklin worth:

  • Full Name: Aretha Louise Franklin
  • Net Worth: $60 Million
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: African American

Aretha Franklin Net Worth – What Is The Worth Of The Legendary Musician?

Aretha Franklin net worth is stated to be 60 million dollars. Most of her wealth has come from her earnings as a singer and songwriter. Aretha Franklin is among the most celebrated musicians in America and abroad. Hence, her whopping amount of net worth. If you are interested in knowing what has contributed to her current net worth, you will have to go through her career life. This way you will understand where she has come from.

Her Early Life And Career In Music

She is a proud daughter of two popular preachers Barbara Siggers and Clarence LaVaughn (C.L Franklin). Even if she was surrounded with affluence, her childhood was not all giggles. This was because of her father’s unfaithfulness. There were wrangles in their house regularly. Aretha Franklin parents had to divorce when she was six. The mother moved out to Buffalo. Here she found work at a local store for music. She became a pianist and had a great voice. Unfortunately, she never had to reap from her talent.

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So sad, the mother could not get enough money to pay them a visit, where they lived in Detroit.  Even at this, Aretha did not condemn her for not seeing them often. Later on, Barbara died of heart seizure but the husband never bothered to make an appearance at her funeral. Her father may not have been a good husband but he was a nice father. Being a famous preacher, he met famous people the likes of Clara Wand and James Cleveland. Aretha was introduced to the musicians at a tender age.

When Aretha Franklin was 10, she began singing gospel songs. When she turned 14, she could go from church to the next, blessing people in the region, with her glorious voice. While these performances, did not add a dime to her net worth, at least they helped her get a recording contract. Her first album, which was titled “Aretha: With the Ray Bryant Combo came in 1961.  It did receive positive reviews but brought little revenue. It is only in the end of the 60s, did her net worth rise up significantly. This was after the album “I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You. She signed with Atlantic Records and under the label, she produced singles including “Respect”, “You Make me Feel a Natural Woman” and “Think”. The songs topped the charts and increased Aretha’s net worth.

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She released more albums such as Amazing Grace and many more. Along her career, she has sold about 75 million copies and managed to release 90 hits on Billboard charts.

Aretha Franklin Personal Life

Aretha Franklin has married two times. The first marriage was with Ted White in 1961 and then to Turman, whom they also separated. Later on, she became attached to Willie Wilkerson, they were engaged but they did not marry. Aretha Franklin children are three and they bear different fathers.

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There you go the net worth of Aretha Franklin.