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Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before And After
Anna Faris Plastic Surgery – How To Spot The Not So Obvious Signs

Whether She Was Expecting It Or Not, Scary Movie Became Synonymous With Her…Not Many People Can Say The Same

Anna Faris Pictures It can be said that the “Scary Movie” was responsible for a whole era of parody movies that really knew how to entertain; it’s almost like what “Troy” did for all the movies that, immediately after it was released, started dealing in ancient battles and iconic warlords. And one of the most surprising (in a positive way) things, or better to say, people in the Scary Movie was Anna Faris. Although her character in the movie was kind of slow and idiotic (it was a comedy, after all), it can be said that the beautiful Anna is completely different from her character. Her beauty and the “girl from next door” vibe immediately launched her into Hollywood stardom. Many claim that it was because of this particular reason that she decided to see a plastic surgeon. What’s more, Anna Faris plastic surgery is a term that you’ve undoubtedly come across on more than one occasion; people were just dying to know what she had done to herself that boosted her appearance from the cute, calm girl into the awesome, sexy woman that she became. And guess what – you’re about to find out.

Typical Of Most Women – When The *You-Know-What* Hits The Fan, They Either Change Their Hair Color Or Something Even More Drastic About Themselves

Anna Faris Photos One of the best ways you could see if and what she had done to herself would be to Google “Anna Faris plastic surgery before and after”. On the other hand, on the off chance that that’s precisely what you just Googled before ending up here….well, just read on.

Ok, so first things first – one of the first associations to plastic surgery and girls or women being used in the same sentence is, of course, breast augmentation surgery. And that’s precisely what Anna decided to go in for after the unfortunate divorce with her husband. Of course, much like all women, the first thing she wanted to do after going through such a troublesome and difficult period was to enjoy being single once again, so you can imagine how getting a boob job seemed like just what the doctor ordered (pun intended). It’s important to notice that this is something she has openly declared in an interview to a magazine, stating that the divorce really was a tormenting experience and she had trouble feeling like herself again afterwards, which is why she thought that a change such as breast augmentation would give her the power to do so. The end result? Well, just ask anyone out there, boy or girl, how they feel about Anna; it would be a real surprise to encounter anyone who doesn’t think she’s incredibly great looking.

Plastic Surgery Is Almost Like Drinking: If You Don’t Have A Hold On It, You’ll End Up Broke And Not Very Healthy

Anna Faris Photos However the thing about celebrity plastic surgery is that, once many of them get to know the power and confidence that comes from changing your body drastically, they can’t seem to stop. There are many examples of celebrities who have forgotten how to hit the brakes when it comes to going under the knife and they ended up looking like real freak shows. On the other hand, Anna seems to have a hold on things, although her breast augmentation is the only procedure she has openly admitted to having so far. There are and always will be speculations; until they are confirmed or denied, the people are left with guessing whether the noses, cheeks, foreheads and other celebrity body parts have changed or not over time.

The Signs Are There For Those Who Are Willing To Read Them; What They’re Signaling Is In A Whole Other Ball Park

Anna Faris Photos When one disregards the boob job for a moment, signs of other procedures can be seen on the actress’s face. These are not so obvious when you look at just a picture of her, but when several pictures are compared with one another from different time spans, it becomes apparent than Anna has probably done her nose, in addition to opting for lip augmentation and Botox injections. The Botox, however, has had the most obvious effect, as the tight skin on the actress’s cheeks, as well as the absence of wrinkles on her forehead, show definite traces of an artificial procedure. Finally, the experts agree that there is a great chance that she probably used chin implants to improve the overall shape of her head, as well as a brow lift in order to accentuate her eyes and add to the expression of her face. On the other hand, until she comes clean about these, one can only spectate; the evidence is there, but what they indicate is another story – could as well be something as simple and ordinary as a new and better make-up artist.

Regardless Of Whether You Have A Health Issue Or You Want To Look Better For Yourself, A Plastic Surgeon Is A Smart Person’s Doctor

Anna Faris Photos Anna is, again, credited and loved by the fans for tearing down the taboo of plastic surgery and publicly confessing about her breast augmentation procedure, which has only made her more desirable and beautiful. Really, Anna Faris plastic surgery lips is definitely nothing to be ashamed of if you look like her. Other celebrities, like Jennifer Aniston (though she’s probably not the best example) and Janet Jackson have also admitted to going under the knife, and that’s a great thing! It really shows that plastic surgery is nothing to be frightened of when used right. When your appetites are normal and you don’t want anything out of the ordinary, cosmetic surgery can be the tool you need to feel great about yourself again and Anna Faris is a pristine example of just that!

Anna Faris Body Statistics :

Anna Faris MeasurementsAnna is a beautiful woman, no doubt about that, and her genes are great. Her measurements are:

  • A weight of 120 pounds;
  • A height of 5 feet 5 inches;
  • A cup size B;
  • A bra size 32B;
  • A shoe size 6;
  • A breasts-waist-hips size 34-24-34 inches;
  • A dress size 0;
  • Blond hair;
  • Blue eyes.

In the end, it would be great to get some feedback from you in the comments. Do you like Anna’s current appearance? Did you even know that she had plastic surgery done? How would you feel about doing the same kind of procedure as Anna?