Anderson Silva Net Worth

Anderson Silva Net Worth
How much is Anderson Silva worth:

  • Full Name: Anderson da Silva
  • Net Worth:$ 18 Million
  • Occupation: Mixed martial arts, boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jui-jitsu, wrestling, Tae Kwon Do and Capoeira
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity:Brazilian

Anderson Silva Net Worth – Big Credit Goes To His Fighting Career

How Much Is Anderson Silva Net Worth? Approximately – 18 Million!

Anderson Silva is well known Brazilian mixed martial artist. He is also a former UFC Middleweight champion. He has many awards and he is famous for longest keep of the defense streak title. His martial arts are truly part of art with perfect shapes and moves. Today, Anderson Silva net worth is estimated approximately about $ 18 million.

Anderson Silva was born on April 14th 1975 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He was middle of the four children. Raised in the poor family, young Anderson was hungry for fame and benefits, as well as for the regular daily needs. Living in the dangerous neighborhood, Silva found out that the only the strongest survives. He started to fight for himself and his family by learning defense and attack moves. He started seriously practicing Jiu-Jistu with other poor kids from the neighborhood when he was seven, but since he was more than great, his parents took last money reserves and pay for the Tae Kwon Do classes. After that, he moved to Capoeira and finally got the Muay Thai lessons.

Anderson Silva Net Worth – Beginnings

Anderson Silva PicturesRaised from poverty, young Anderson has to fight for himself for the youngest day. His first job, however, was not related to martial arts- he was just an ordinary but talented guy who spends days in the hood with other kids, reading comic books, and adoring Spiderman. First Silva’s job was at the McDonalds. His professional career came much later.

Anderson earned black belt in Tae Kwan Do when he was eighteen. He also earned black belt in Judo, Capoieira’s yellow rope and he is also a professional box fighter. He was also a member of Chute Box Academy. He also estimated own Muay Thai Dream Team.

Anderson started professional fighting debut in Brazil in the welterweight category in 1997. His talent was enormous and tremendous. He went to fight in Japan, and he won against famous Sakurai who have had twenty winnings in the row. Later on, he started fighting in the competition ‘’Pride’’, then in the ‘’Cage Rage’’ on England, ‘’Rumble on the Rock’’ in Hawaii etc…

His biggest break through was definitely UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. The accuracy of Anderson’s striking was about 85%! He was more than famous at the moment he finally won the UFC by defeating Franklin. the successes followed one by another.

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In the UFC battle with Weidman, Silva had many injuries, broken leg and broken fibula and tibia. It looks like he would have retire, but he came back and continued to ear many medals. However, great comebacks after injuries are not unknown in the MMA world – let us just remember Rob Sinclair or Corey Hill.

Anderson Silva Net Worth And A Current Life

Anderson Silva currently lives in California with wife Dayane and three sons and two daughters. Big family lives happily in the great ranch and a calm area, far away from the crowd. Anderson Silva’s house is situated at ‘’Palos Verdes’’ Estates. After many championships awarded and many matches won, he is still active fighter. However, one of his greatest achievements is the stabile family. Anderson and his wife have five children and they all live together on their ranch. He is not like many other celebrities with separated lives and divided kids. Like a true and devoted father, and a loving husband, he cares for family as for the biggest fortune.

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