Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery

Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery before and after
Amanda Bynes plastic surgery becomes a blunder!

Amanda Bynes plastic surgery maybe succeeded but after the phase, people began to talk about her cosmetic surgery procedure that she did to her face and boob. Amanda was a young talented girl who played several America’s sweetheart roles in the movies. She also released clothing line for teens and was once featured on Rachel Zoe show. Despite her boosting career, Amanda had a hard time to keep up with fame. She posed naked on Twitter and did really gruesome attitude in public. Her attitude does not end there. She dealt with police due to her drinking behaviour and she ended up in a rehab center where she spent most of her time mending what went wrong.

Amanda Bynes before and after plastic surgery

amanda bynes before and after photosYou can say that before the plastic surgery, Amanda Bynes was a sweet little girl. She got too mature when deciding to have the cosmetic procedure. Amanda Bynes boob job made her assets fuller and bigger while her nose job has created different work of art for her face. Before plastic surgery, Amanda’s nose was a little bigger but after the nose job, she has a pointy nose. Amanda Bynes plastic surgery pictures show a little difference on the face and also the breasts. She did the boob job pretty successful since they grow much bigger and look fuller than before. They show beautiful cleavage and perfect round shaped assets.

According to an expert, Amanda’s boob job is clearly visible because of the resizing. Amanda decided to enlarge her breasts a few notch bigger. We don’t know exactly why she even thought about having boob and nose job when everything seems to be fine with her look. She also changed her hair color into shocking blonde and make awful appearance in public. Paparazzi were in love with her attitude that they put her on the cover of numerous magazines as she posed with nowhere near pretty or decent. When we look at photos of Nicole Kidman before plastic surgery it is evident that she had few botox shots in order to remove first wrinkles. It is inevitable to age, but aging in Hollywood musn’t happen, and this is probably the reaso why Nicole Kidman decided to go for botox. It probably seemed as least agressive method to regain youtful, perfect look.

Amanda Bynes photosAmanda Bynes after plastic surgery

Her plastic surgery may went successful but the that’s not the problem with her. After the cosmetic surgery, Amanda did not seem to be satisfied. She has an issue with self confidence that she refused to take advice and begin to involve with drug and alcohol. She became self depressed and suffer behaviour disorder that she would pose naked in the tub and upload it to Twitter. Her face looked awful lot and scary that everyone thinks she is so screwed. Her fans disliked her attitude and began to warn her but she didn’t want to take note of it. Her career ended when she entered drug rehab center. She has to start all over again from zero because of her own fault. She began her days with detox and counselling to ‘heal’ her sickness. The movie industry began to forget her name but finally after some time, she managed to get back on track but this time, she needed to work extra harder.

Amanda Bynes and her life today

After checking out from the rehab, Amanda felt much better with her new lifestyle. She took fashion designer class in a university. She decided to give it a try because she loves fashion. She is planning on a project with big clothing line in US and she has to train her skill for that. Amanda said that she has left her lost path behind and decided to start the new life as a healthy person. She did not want to talk about the cosmetic surgery anymore nor her disturbing behaviour. She wanted to be renowned as the fashion designer. Amanda currently studies her major and focus on building new acting career because she is no longer the girl with problems. Rather, a woman with an attitude.