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Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before And After
Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery – Procedures Rumors

Ali Lohan (Aliana Taylor), is a fashion model from the United States. For most people, she is best known as younger sister of Michael Lohan Jr, and Lindsay Lohan. She was born in New York City, in 1993, and she is 20 years old. Her modeling career started when she was very little, only three years old. She was working for Ford Mode agency. She appeared in various campaigns for different magazines, such as Vogue Bambini, and Teen Vogue. Later on, she signed the contract with Next Models, and one of her latest contracts is with the Wilhelmina, modeling agency. Aside from her modeling career, she appeared in several movies, ones with her sister, and the roles were uncredited. The only credited role she had is in the movie called Mostly Ghostly: Who Left the Ghosts out? She also started the music career, but her main choice definitely is modeling. Recently, people noticed the change in her looks, which is why Ali Lohan plastic surgery rumors started. Unlike her sister, she was not in the center of the attention for her behavior, but for the plastic surgery rumors.

What Kind Of Plastic Surgery Procedures Ali Lohan Had?

Ali Lohan Pictures Lately, when people see photos of Ali Lohan, they can easily spot the change in her looks. It is not hard, because when you look at celebrity before and after plastic surgery photos or videos, you can see the change, and you can come to the conclusion yourself what type of surgeries were done. If you take a closer look to the photos of Ali Lohan, you will see that this girl looks completely different now. Some people even think she had several plastic surgeries in order to get the looks she has now. You will notice that her breast are bigger than before. However that is not all. Ali’s eyebrows are different as well. Because of all those changes, people believe that she had:

  • Facelift procedure
  • Breast implants
  • Eyebrows procedure

From the moment you lay your eyes on Ali’s body, you will see that many things are different. She no longer looks like that little girl people used to know as Lindsey Lohan’s younger sister.

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Rumors

When Ali Lohan plastic surgery rumors started, people wanted to know if she had those surgeries or not. She did not confirmed or denied those speculations. However, Ali’s publicist stated that all the changes or Ali are simply the results of her growing up. That may be partially true, but not entirely. The difference in her looks is obvious, and for some changes on her face and body, you cannot say that growing up is the reason. Those changes are probably the result of plastic surgeries she had.

Different Opinions About Ali Lohan’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

People definitely are not united in their opinions when it comes to Ali Lohan. For some, this very young girl looks amazing, and better than ever before. Some other people are shocked with the fact that young lady like Ali is, already decided to go under the knife. Improving the looks that way, when the girl is basically still a teenager is not something that many people would understand. Ali Lohan definitely is not the lonely case when it comes to teenage plastic surgeries. Many girls and boys of her age are doing the same thing, because they want to look great and be popular. The same thing was with Charice Pempengo, Filipino singer. She said she had Botox injections because she wanted to look fresh and beautiful in the show. For many people, that was a true shock, because she is still very young. However, when it comes to show business today, it seems that looks is sometimes more important than your talent, skills and dedication. If you do not fit the standards, someone else will replace you. That probably was one of the main reasons why Ali Lohan decided to go under the knife, and change the looks.

Ali Lohan MeasurementsWhat do you think about Ali Lohan’s looks? Do you think she had all those plastic surgeries, or the reason of that change is her growing up?