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Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery Before And After
Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery – Transformation

Alexa Ray Joel is a pianist, singer and songwriter from the United States. She was born in Manhattan, New York in 1985. She is the daughter of supermodel Christie Brinkley and worldwide popular singer Billy Joel. For her, it was very hard to live in the shadow of her parents’ fame, and she was working very hard to find her own way. Thanks to her talent and dedication she succeeded. She stated many times that she had the chance to see the whole songwriting process thanks to her father. She also said that her way of songwriting is very similar to the ways of Billy Joel’s writing. For them, the most important thing is the song’s melody, and the lyrics are second. Lullaby (goodnight my angel) was the song that Billy Joel dedicated to Alexa, and she said that it is hers favorite song. Her musical knowledge is huge, and when she was 15, she already knew to finish the song. She also enjoyed in poetry writing. She is a huge fashion fan. Several years ago, she went to a big personal crisis, when she basically tried to kill herself, by taking Traumeel tablets. Later on, she said to the ABC News that her crisis was the result of the painful breakup, and she simply didn’t want to talk with anyone, and bother people around, because it was the season of holidays. She also said that her plan definitely was not to commit suicide, she was alone and panic attack started, and she wanted to calm down. In 2010, singer did the nose job, and after that many rumors about Alexa Ray Joel plastic surgery started.

Did Alexa Had Several Plastic Surgeries Or A Nose Job Only?

Alexa Ray Joel Pictures When it comes celebrities, it is pretty hard to find the person who actually did not go under the knife for looks improvement. All the time, you can read about celebrity plastic surgery procedures, and it basically became something normal. If you want to stay popular, you always have to look perfect. That is the main reason why there are so many surgeries for looks improvement. Alexa Ray Joel is one more celebrity that drastically changed her look, and improved it. Many people think that singer had several plastic surgery procedures such as:

  • Nose job
  • Breast implants
  • Facial work

Alexa Ray Joel Denies The Rumors About Plastic Surgeries

Alexa Ray Joel Photos When the singer was asked about the plastic surgery rumors, she denied them. However, when it comes to Alexa Ray Joel nose job that was the only procedure she confirmed she had. For others, she said she never went under the knife in order to improve her looks, and that she has no reason to lie. She is not too frustrated about those rumors. She stated that people will always spread lies about celebrities, and that plastic surgery procedure rumors are not something that bothers her so much. The thing she would love is to people actually concentrate on her work, and songwriting, instead of those rumors. Alexa said that stories about the facial work and breast implants are 100% false.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Procedures

Alexa Ray Joel Photos It is very hard to find the celebrity who did not have any plastic surgery. Most of them are modest when it comes to their desires about looks, and usually they use Botox injections to tighten the facial skin, lips augmentation or breast implants. In many cases, plastic surgery procedures are done perfectly, because specific celebrity was real about the wishes. However, some people are too excessive, and often, they do not realize that once the work is done, it cannot be undone. Alexa Ray Joel definitely look amazing now, and even though she denies most of the procedures, the change in her looks is obvious. She has every reason to be self-confident. Some other celebrities were not as lucky as she was. You may take Nikki Cox, the star of Las Vegas television show as an example. She used to be so pretty and sexy, but after the plastic surgery procedure she had, she lost that beauty, and she looks completely unnatural now. For some, she became unrecognizable. Her lips are swollen, and her whole face is different. Too bad, because once very lovely actress ruined her looks.

Alexa Ray Joel MeasurementsWhat do you think about Alexa Ray Joel and her plastic surgery procedures? Do you think she had only a nose job, or something more?