Alec Baldwin Net Worth

Alec Baldwin Net Worth
How much is Alec Baldwin worth:

  • Full Name: Alexander Rae Baldwin III
  • Net Worth: $ 65 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, voice actor, comedian, television and film producer, author
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity:Irish – American catholic with English, Scottish, French and German roots.

Alec Baldwin Net Worth – The Richest Amongst The Baldwin Brothers!

How Much Is Alec Baldwin Net Worth? – Approximatly $ 65 Million!!!

As the oldest of four Baldwin’s brothers, Alec was always a role model for all. With a great pressure to succeed, he enforced himself to the limits. As a famous actor, he won many awards in film and movie industry, as well as in the stage and television. Today, Alec Baldwin net worth is estimated around $ 65 million.

Alec Baldwin was born on April 3rd, 1958 in Amityville, New York, United States of America. He was raised in Roman Catholic family, among three brothers and two sisters. He was a regular teenage boy, went to Alfred G. Berber High School and played football. Alec’s first job was a bus boy at the famous disco Studio 54. He never quit his education; in 1994 Alec got his degree as a Bachelor of Fine Arts at New York University.

Alec Baldwin Net Worth – Beginnings And Breakthrough

It all started back in 1980 with soap opera ‘’The Doctors’’. One by one, the television sitcoms were made for Alec. He had many successes with the roles in ‘’Knot Landings’’, ‘’Dress Gray’’, ‘’Friends’’, ‘’Will and Grace’’, ‘’30 Rocks’’, ‘’Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends’’… Alec won two Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe and two Screen Actors Guild Awards for the screenplay and acting in the ‘’30 Rocks’’.

However, Alec was not just a television actor. He proved himself as a talented actor in 1986 at Broadway. First Alec’s role was a Joe Orton’s ‘’Loot’’. The play lasts for three months, but Alec started acting in various plays like ‘’Orphans’’, ‘’Macbeth’’, ‘’South Pacific’’, ‘’Equus’’…

Alec Baldwin Pictures

The biggest fame Alec won as a movie actor. Movies took him among Hollywood superstars. Many of his roles were in the blockbusters like ‘’The Hunt for red October’’, ‘’The Marrying Man’’, ‘’The Prelude to a Kiss’’, ‘’Shadow’’, ‘’Pearl Harbor’’, ‘’Cooler’’, ‘’Departed’’, ‘’Aviator’’ and many others.

Alec Baldwin Net Worth – Personal Life Of A Superstar

Alec Baldwin PhotosWhile acting in the movie ”The Marrying Man”, Alec met his first wife – an actress Kim Basinger. Their marriage lasted for nine years. As the beautiful result of that marriage, the daughter Ireland was born.

His second marriage still lasts. He is happily married to Hilaria Thomas, a yoga instructor from Manhattan. Now, they have a daughter and a boy.

With a bit high temper, Alec has many problems. He stays remembered with a photographer incident – when he allegedly assaulted a photographer who wanted to take a picture of Alec’s wife Kim and their daughter, little Ireland, just three days after she was born.

His personal point of view is best previewed in his book ‘’A Promise to Ourselves: a Journey through Fatherhood and Divorce’’. The separation and divorce were true battle with an army of layers and full yellow pages’ stories. It lasted for seven years. However, it is not strange for celebrities to have such a messy divorce – let us just remember Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards drama divorce.

Alec Baldwin Net Worth And Consequences

Today, Alec is well respected superstar. He lives in the New York City penthouse together with a 26 younger wife Hilaria Thomas and their two children. Alec Baldwin’s house is estimated for $11.7 million. The peaceful life is his biggest achievement, so he enjoys being a careful parent and a loving husband.

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However, he never stopped acting, so he is still making movies and getting awards.