Al Sharpton Net Worth

Al Sharpton Net Worth
How much is
Al Sharpton worth :

  • Full Name: Al Sharpton
  • Net Worth: $5 Million
  • Occupation: Politician, Actor, Minister, Presenter
  • Marital Status: Married (Kathy Jordan)
  • Ethnicity: African American

Al Sharpton Net Worth – The Affluence Tale Of A Famous Politician And Actor

Al Sharpton made it to the top as a politician, civil right activist, and a Baptist Minister in the US. The African American is reputed for his appearances on TVs and Radios. As at the moment, Al Sharpton net worth is estimated to be $5 million. This estimate is quite poor when compared to other richer celebrities like Tim Cook and Sean Combs.  Despite this fact, the famous politicians still remain a very rich personality. He’s still counted as one of the prominent American celebrities.

Al Sharpton Source Of Wealth

Al Sharpton made most of his millions as Politician. He was involved in several political campaigns and activities that fetched his millions of dollars. He’s also an actor. He has appeared in several hot selling American movies. He’s equally a TV/Radio Presenter. His talk shows attract millions of listeners. All of these contribute to the current level of Al Sharpton net worth.

Early Life And Career Pursuit

Al Sharpton PicuresAl Sharpton was born of African American parents in 1954 there in Brooklyn, New York.  While growing up as the youth, he became a well-known political activist with a particular interest in fighting racial injustice and prejudice in the US.  To boost his activism, he went ahead to establish the famous National Youth Movement. This brought him into the limelight.

Later on, he ventured into the US politics and contested for the Senate. He also contested to become the Mayor of New York at one time.

Al Sharpton has been a family friend to the late Michael Jackson. During the 2009 memorial event of the famous musician, Al was at the helm of the affairs. He later got involved in many other cases that had to do with racial prejudice and injustice.

Later on, Al Sharpton took his activism to the TV and radio stations. He held several shows and programs in support of his position. He was able to garner the attention of the public. He earned lots of cash through his presentations. Since 2011 till date, Al has continued to hold TV programs and shows aimed at enhancing the political process in the US.Al Sharpton Photos

Aside from being a presenter and politicians, Al Sharpton got involved in the acting business for a while. He was able to rake in some cash through his acting profession.

Al Sharpton Assets And Personal Life

Al Sharpton PhotosAl Sharpton has several assets as rich personality.  Little is known about his houses and other real estate properties. Nevertheless, he remains well known as a rich celebrity.  He was said to purchase a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom during the occasion of his 50th birthday. This particular car brand is reputed to be one of the costliest across the globe.

When it comes to personal life, Al is not lacking. He has a good story to tell. Somewhere along the line, Al Sharpton’s girlfriend, Kathy Jordan showed up. Both of them later got married.

Indeed, there’s a lot to know about Al Sharpton net worth.  One thing is sure, the estimated level of his net worth is sure to rise in the near future since the famous political activist is not retiring yet.