Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery

Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery
Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery boosts up her career

Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery has created more attractive appearance for her. She is hot with full bust and wide hips. Her nose job makes a different change to her facial part. Her attractive figure is often being talked about as she often shows it off with bikini or swimwear. As one of the Cheetah Girls pop group, Adrienne Bailon is dating Rob Kardashians – which gains her even more fame. On top of that, Adrienne is a hot girl with awesome body measurements that every girl would envy about. She also that kind of girl who would go the extra mile to be pretty. But that is just not it. Her fuller busts began to be questioned by the paparazzi. Has she done something with it?

Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery before after

A few years ago, she did not show cleavage between her breasts. It is believed that she has breast augmentation to give fuller appearance. Although it looks a little different but that is not something that wonder bra can do. Her before and after pictures show significant difference. She has breasts implants that you will see the different size compared to the previous years back. Yes, she may be curvy but that does not mean she has that big breasts heritage when she is a petite girl. Her large bust size has to be from somewhere artificial to enhance her look. The cosmetic surgery may be the thing she does that makes her breasts rounder and fuller. She looks great and it is one of the most common things in United States so getting one is not a taboo.

Adrienne Bailon double D cup

She wears clothes that make her breasts augmentation even more visible. Often time, you can see her wearing strapless gown on the red carpet. Her bosom really is the consequence of her plastic surgery. Although she did not officially make a statement but many experts believed that her beautiful asset comes from augmentation process. Even plastic surgeon is not able to confirm the fact but since we can see the change, it is likely to be true. The gossip became wild and viral after Vanessa Hudgens did the same thing and this girl seemed to follow the Disney star’s path. Neither Vanessa or Bailon admitted the gossip. Her breasts augmentation has changed its size into fuller and much bigger. Mary Tyler Moore is woman in 70s and no one would expect her to have wrinkle-free skin. However, she has obviously felt the need to look way younger than her actual age, in order to feel as part of the Hollywood society, ruled by young and beautiful women and men. Beauty trends in Hollywood simply impose trend of never-aging, perfect beauty, and who ever doesn’t look as follower of the trend, is not part of the group.

Adrienne Bailon photosAdrienne Bailon face plastic surgery

Besides her boob job, Bailon also did cosmetic surgery on her face. She did a makeover on her nose and lips. If you look her before and after pics, you will notice the difference on her nose and that is not something that a make up can do. Also, her lips have changed from they used to. Miss Bailon has definitely made herself more glamorous with the changes she made. Little did she know that cosmetic surgery can be addictive at some point especially when she does it at her early teen age. She already has that perfect body measurement but apparently that’s not enough. Her appearance changes the way she portrays beauty and now she gains confident as her breasts gain size.

Adrienne bailon pictures diet planAdrienne Bailon and her diet plan

Since she is pretty much confident with her body, Adrienne does not do any strict diet plan. She has the face and the body she wants through plastic surgery so she just really need to take care of those. Adrienne is known to like fruit snacking and eating organic foods. As for diet, she chooses low carbs instead of cutting down the meals. She refuses to do so because she said she could not stand being hungry. For exercise, Adrienne helps herself with pilates and yoga. They are like the religion to her.