Adam Levine Net Worth

Adam Levine Net Worth
How much is Adam Levine worth:

  • Full Name: Adam Noah Levine
  • Net Worth: $50 Million
  • Occupation: Singer, Song writer, Entrepreneur and Part-time actor
  • Marital Status: Married to Behati Prinsloo
  • Ethnicity: White

Adam Levine Net Worth – How Much Does The Celebrity Have?

Born in March 18 1979, Adam Levine is among the highest earning artists in America and the world at large. Adam Levine net worth stands at $50 million. His riches are attributed to his success in his career as a musician and in other businesses. However, he did not just rise to fame but it has been a journey of sweat and blood to reach where he is today.

The Trail Of Adam Levine’s Wealth

Adam Levine Pictures He started way back in 1994, where he was singing in a band, the Maroon 5. However, he has also done a number of singles.  He also reaps big from being a coach in a certain reality show. Besides, his most popular song “Songs of Jane”, Adam Levine, has been in quite a journey. In 1994, he was a member of Kaara Flowers, which later became the Maroon 5. Others who were in the group include Jessi Carmichael, Ryan Dusick and Mickey Madden. When they recorded their first album as a band, it did not go as they expected and so, the company laid them off.

While this was a big setback for them, it did not wash away Adam’s spirits, neither of the other members of the Kaara Flowers. They thought it wise to add a new member, James Valentine to the equation. They decided to change the band’s name to Maroon 5, after which the group became known all over the world.

Adam Levine was the main voice behind the group, which has made a success even today. He also plays guitar and piano.

Adam Levine Wealth Collection

About $6 million comes from his work in Maroon 5. He also gets quite a chunk, for being a host in NBC’S reality show, “The Voice”. Furthermore, he has also collaborated with other artists to make more money. His studio 222 Records is another source of Levine’s wealth. All these combined with his involvements in different campaigns, have placed him among the most powerful celebrities around the globe.

His Maroon 5 released several albums, some of which were given platinum certification by RIAA in the US. He has also garnered a number of awards among them the American Music Awards, Grammy Awards, MTV Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards.

Besides, since his marriage with Behati Prinsloo, he has invested heavily into the real estate. They started by selling duplex in East Village, which was owned by Adam Levine’s wife. They did not stop at that but went on to close on SoHo Loft, which was supposedly bought for $4.5 million dollars. Being a multi-talented celebrity, we can only hope that things will continue being good for this looker.

Indicators Of Adam Levine Wealth

Adam Levine Vintage Home In Los Angeles      

Adam Levine Photos If you have watched the MTV, you already know what to expect in this neighborhood. The area seems to have two categories of bachelor pads. Some are vintage and others that have been built with the latest technology.  Surprisingly, here is where the famous rock star, Adam Levine chooses to call home. His vintage style home, featuring a bygone era of the 1940 is set somewhere on Hollywood Hills. It is a real gem.

Adam Levine house has lots of 20th century designs. And if you thought that he is not connected you are so wrong. For a man who has been able to break boundaries of the failures of the past and make a name for himself; he is very confident about the many choices he has made in life. Regarding his home, he has been reported saying that decorating a home is similar to going to the studio and making music. Furthermore, Adam Levine tattoos are worth a look and he seems to have spent a lot of money on them.

People close to him say that Adam Levine does not only collect things and bring them into his hood. One look at his home will tell you that the celebrity has taste. Although he seems not to fancy the contemporary home décor, he really knows how to make his house look vintage.

Adam Levine net worth is set to keep rising and especially now that he is also into real estate. If he combines all his income sources, his net worth, will shoot up. With his pretty wife Prinsloo, we can only hope for the best.

Adam Levine Body Statistics:

  • Adam Levine Body Statistics MeasurementsMeasurements: 30’ 15’ 42’
  • Height: 182cm or 5 feet 11 inches
  • Weight: 77kg or 170 pounds
  • Shoe Size:5’
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Eye Color: Hazel