50 Cent Net Worth

50 Cent Net Worth
How much is 50 Cent worth:

  • Full Name: Curtis Jackson
  • Net Worth: $140 Million
  • Occupation: Rapper, actor and investor
  • Marital Status: Currently single
  • Ethnicity: Black

50 Cent Net Worth – Just How Much Does The Artist Have?

50 Cent Pictures 50 Cent net worth is much more than FORBES and other financial analysts tend to portray. This can be expected since he is not only a rapper but an actor and an investor too. Glamour and affluence characterize his life, making him an envy of his fans from all over the world and to the upcoming rap artists in America and abroad. Born in 1975, he is also a body builder, measuring 6 ft and 185 pounds and shoe size of 12. 50 cent features dark brown eyes and black hair. He is black and his body physique could be the reason he has dated so many girlfriends among them 2012 50 Cent girlfriend, Daphne Joy. But currently he is single. From his first releases the Massacre and Get Rich or Die Tryin, the rapper has been able to garner many more albums, assets and he is also a proud owner of a number of businesses. Let’s look deeply into his wealth.

50 Cent Journey To Riches

50 Cent Photos 50 Cent first came to the limelight after his albums the Massacre and “Get Rich or Die Tryin” back in 2000.  Two years later in 2002 he released another hit album, called Guess Who’s Back? It is during this time that Eminem and Dr. Dre took note of his amazing rapping talent and they helped him to rise by facilitating the production of his first commercial releases.

From then, 50 Cent’s net worth started taking a good turn. In 2003, he established the G-Unit Records, which so far has helped great talents in rap to rise including Young Buck. His abrupt rise to fame and wealth, got him position 6th on the list of best artists of the 2000s, as ranked by the Billboard magazine. His album Get Rich or Die Tryin was also ranked 12.

He has produced several other albums but that is not all. He has also participated in several business deals, the major one being the sale of his Vitamin Water Company with Glaceau to Coca cola, which earned him US$4.1 billion. From this deal, he crunched about $100 million after tax deductions. He is an all-round man, with a business mind. He has also acted in a number of movies and written a book with Robert Green titled The 50th Law. Recently, he launched the SMS Audio some sort of headphones, which are projected to reap large dividends for him. With this, it is very challenging to gauge 50 Cent’s exact net worth.

When one hears about the net worth of 50 Cent, they may be lured into thinking that the sun has always shone on him. However, the rapper has been through thick and thin. At some point he was jailed and somewhere in the year 2000, he got shot 9 times. All the same, despair is a word that does not exist in his dictionary. He has risen from all those challenges and today, he is listed as one of the wealthiest celebrities in the world.

What are some of the highlights of 50 Cent net worth

While you can hardly place a finger on how much 50 Cent net worth is, there are certain assets which point out that the dude is seriously moneyed

Vitamin Water Deal

His first eminent investment came when he entered into a deal with Glaceau for their Vitamin Water. He sold his name to them to come up with the “Formula 50” drink and he also became their spokesman. It is this thoughtful step, which made him to get $100 million, when the company was sold to Coca Cola.

His Magnificent House  

50 Cent house in Connecticut is an emblem of glamour and royalty. Its architectural design and the furnishings are one of a kind, not to mention the bar that sits around 50 people. His enormous house is partitioned in several living rooms and spaces. The spaces do have rooms and can be considered as houses on their own. The house is worth 15 million dollars just to give you a hint on just how much 50 Cent net worth is.

Collection Of Cars

50 Cent Photos Curtis Jackson has a great taste of car models. Some of the car models , you would expect to find in his expansive home garage include Spencer Lowell, Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari Convertible and other assorted automobiles.

Artist Curtis Jackson, or as all his fans call him, 50 Cent, is one of the filthily rich celebrities in the world. His net worth stands at $140 million. Unlike other celebrities who rely solely on their music, he has been able to break boundaries, hence making more investments in other areas. One would be justified to say that 50 Cent is multitalented. He is also a brand among his fans owing to the popular 50 Cent tattoos.

50 Cent Body Statistics:

  • 50 Cent Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 6 ft or 183cm
  • Weight: 84kg or 195 pounds
  • Shoe Size: 12
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark brown