Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery

Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery Before And After
Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery – Rumors About His Hair Transplant

Matthew Mcconaughey is a foremost American actor and producer that has track records of success in his career. Recently, there are rumors making rounds about Matthew Mcconaughey plastic surgery issue. Gossipers are busy talking about the issue all over the American movie industry. Did he actually have a plastic surgery? If so, did he succeed or fail? Let’s find out.

The Rumors About Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery

Matthew Mcconaughey PicturesJust like Mary Matalin and Marg Helgenberger, Matthew Mcconaughey has his own share of plastic surgery rumors.  His case came to the fore during the period he bagged the prestigious Oscar Best Actor award.  He appeared a different person during the occasion. He shed weight and had noticeable changes all over his body. His hair changed a great deal. There are rumors going around concerning the change on his chair. He’s believed to have gone through a hair transplant process.

Going by the rumors, Matthew’s hair transplant was carried out to restore the hair he lost on his forehead. He had continued to lose hairs on that particular part of his body. He decided to make it up through hair transplant.

Before the rumor, Matthew Mcconaughey was known for having clear cut baldness. But now, the baldness is completely gone.  Moreover, he was known for having hairs on his forehead. But now, the hairs are cleared off.  Experts believe he must have gone through hair transplant.

Matthew Mcconaughey’s Stand On The Issue

So far, Matthew Mcconaughey had denied ever going through any kind of plastic surgery. He maintains he has never had any hair transplant.  According to him, the noticeable changes about his baldness and loss of hair on his forehead came as a result of a tropical produced he uses from time to time. The name of the product is “Regenix”. It’s a very powerful product that can do wonders when used according to instruction.

Experts’ View About The Plastic Surgery Allegation

Despite his denial of the plastic surgery allegation, experts still believe the famous actor had hair transplant. The use of “Regenix” or any other product is not enough to account for the great changes noticed on Matthew’s physique. Experts are of the view that hair transplant is the only major way through which lost hairs are restored.

Matthew Mcconaughey Photos

A critical look at Mcconaughey’s current photos reveals more about case on ground. The hair transplant makes him look more beautiful than he used to be.

Despite his denial, experts believe Matthew Mcconaughey underwent the process of hair transplant just to improve his physical appearance. He actually got what he desired. He’s looking so much younger than his age. He also appears more handsome these days. This is indeed a plus for his acting career. He’s clocking 40 years yet, he looks so much younger.

Other Possible Plastic Surgery He Underwent

Aside from hair transplant, Matthew Mcconaughey is also being accused of going through eyelid surgery. This is evident from the way his eyelids are looking. He has lesser skin on his eyelid.

Matthew Mcconaughey Photos

In any case, the issue of Matthew Mcconaughey plastic surgery remains at the level of rumor since the famous actor is yet to agree with the stories making rounds. He’s currently focused on taking his acting career to greater heights despite the rumors going on about the case of his plastic surgery.